Procedural Intelligence

My (Currently) Non-Sentient Website


These are some projects I've worked on. I have included the links to the repositories on GitHub, please feel free to visit my GitHub page to see some of my smaller projects if you are interested.


The game I am currently working on. Similar to capture the flag but in complete darkness. Choose from either a wizard, archer, or warrior and use your class's special powers to create and manipulate light on the battlefield.

Code not available at this time. Soon!

Villager Sim

A project Nick Wayne and I started more than 4 years ago and have worked off and on since. A test in Artificial Intelligence, villagers explore and colonize a randomly generated island without player input. End goal of the project is for them to fully colonize and learn over time how to grow more efficiently.

Code link: GitHub

Sector Shm'up

A project Nick Wayne and I did for a programming competition. Ended up being finalists at the National FBLA Contenst, so that's pretty cool. A Shm'up where you play as a computer virus tracker, going from level to level inside a computer fighting and destroying multiple kinds of malware! Very fun project that actually was 'completed.'

Code link: GitHub

Late For Class!

A project Nick Wayne and I did for a 6 hour Gamejam. You are going to be late for class unless you can get there in 60 seconds! Jump with space to avoid obstacles and get there before the time runs out.


  1. No button to close the game when it is over, use Alt + F4.
  2. Music May be a little loud, (but is still awesome).
  3. No win / lose screens.

Download link: Google Drive


A project for my CSE 201 (Intro to Software Engineering) class, we built a PacMan-like game in Javascript. The high scores are saved server side so try to beat the current best! Warning: The ghosts close in pretty hard, and since each level is randomly generated it can be pretty difficult.

Code link: Github

A project for my Algorithms course. Efficiently packs objects into a space and includes a visualizer so you can see it afterwards. Still more work to be done, but functional in its current state.

Code link: Github