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The Beautiful Amalfi Coast

Sorry for not posting more, internet here is really spotty and before we got here there wasn't much to talk about.

Thursday we took a train from where we have been staying in to Salerno, then got picked up in a car and taken to our house near Amalfi for the weekend. We got an Air BnB, and so far it has been great. The town is pretty far away, so we've pretty much just been clearing out this Market up the street.

The views here are absolutely stunning, lookout out our back door and only seeing water stretch to the horizon is pretty cool. I'll upload some photos when we get back to the University.

Yesterday we went to the "beach", 847 steps to the bottom and then 847 steps back up. The "beach" consisted of about 100 people crammed into a rocky area about the size of our backyard back home, and the water in which you could swim extended maybe 20 feet past that. Pretty underwhelming considering the journey there, but we still had fun nonetheless.

Last night we made spaghetti, and I was on team Pasta. I regret to say however that since we overestimated the time it would take for the meat and sauce to cook, we put the pasta on the smallest burner, which made the noodles take about 25 minutes longer than everything else. Still, I think we won because whoever was on team meat only made enough for the first like 8/14 people to get some.

Today we are going to go hiking here in Amalfi. Pretty excited, I'll write about it when I get back. Sorry it's short, everyone is waiting for me so we can head out.