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Amalfi Wrap-Up + Surrounding Time

Sorry for not posting the last few days, again the Wi-Fi was pretty spotty and I've either been super busy, super tired, or super nothing happened to talk about. Anyways, back to the post...

Hiking the mountains of Amalfi was absolutely stunning, and I've got some great pictures and videos I'll post once I'm back and the WiFi is strong enough and I've got all the ones from the trip in one place. We explored an abandoned medieval foundry for a while, then after getting some stunning pictures of waterfalls and terrain and taking a lunch break (of Nutella, peach jam, and cheerio sandwiches), we finally found a path that led up to the top of the mountain. We got about halfway up before getting a bit too tired to continue (since we knew we were going to have to go back down anyways), but not before seeing some amazing views of the city and just taking the time to admire them.

The next day we packed up and headed back, taking a taxi to the train station. On the way we saw countless bikers working their way up the steep hills for miles upon miles as cars pass them with a couple inches to spare. And I thought I was crazy for running a few miles along these roads.

I've decided I'm going to commit to running in the mornings. It gets me up and relieves some of the stress for the rest of the day. I also feel like I'm just wasting so much time in the mornings, when I could be studying or working. These past few days of running have been so much better, since the temperature is cool, my stomach isn't upset from just eating, and I can actually see where I'm running because it's not 10 minutes to midnight. Paying for laundry (which limits when I can run because there are so few machines and you might have to wait for hours to get one) is definitely a hassle, though I'm sure if I got used to it it wouldn't be so bad.

Tonight we went back to the place from which we got the Nutella pizza dessert as a group, and had a full homestyle-meal, in which they brought out large portions of everything and we passed around grabbing some to put on our plates. Hands down the best meal I've had here and get this: the cheese was actually pretty dang good. We got nutella pizzas at the end to top it off, so I was in bliss by the end. Only downside is I only had about 40 minutes to let the food settle before I had to run so I could get it in before midnight (since all my running clothes were dirty this morning).

But yeah, that's pretty much what the notable things from the past few days have been. Nothing too crazy but I'm having a really good time. Our lessons in both our ethics class as well as the logic programming class have started to get really interested so the 'study' part of the 'study abroad' is going well also.